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by Alveena Salim

Now that we’re weeks away from the end of the year, I’m filling up my time doing meaningless lessons that will keep my class busy and will hopefully reduce any marking that I may have to do.

After spending hours writing reports, I thought it would be interesting to get the class to write an end of year report on me…

Some of my ‘targets’ are listed below.

Ms Salim needs to realize that when some members of the class plays up, she shouldn’t punish everyone.

Miss Salim needs to learn how to shout in an angry voice cos we’re never sure when she’s really angry. Wagging your finger and putting your hands on your hips will help.

Miss Salim needs to stop making her class do ‘what I did during the weekend’ diary accounts on Monday mornings. It’s boring!

Miss Salim needs to stop making her class run around the playground every morning cos that makes her class tired and hungry.

Miss Salim needs to learn more English primary school songs.

Miss Salim needs to stop stealing (I don’t steal – I confiscate!) our toys.

Miss Salim needs to let her class eat more sweets and less fruit at break time.

Miss Salim needs to stop laughing and punishing children when they do silly and naughty things. She confuses us.

Points noted.

I received lots of lovely comments too. One poem really stood out…

We will miss
Your pretty clothes
Your pierced nose
Your happy smile
That stretches a mile,
You calling us sweetheart
Your sticker charts
But most importantly
We will miss YOU

It took me months to get them how I want them. But I havent had the time to enjoy them. Now they’re leaving and I’m getting a new unruly, rough class, with a handful of kids who already have an ASBO.

I still love what I do.