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by Alveena Salim

Not in Ms Slim’s class though.

I really dislike carrying out discussion and debate with my class…they actually get physically violent with children who disagree their point of view…I can’t even test them on their Speaking and Listening cos discussions nearly always turn ugly. They can’t accept that they may be wrong and fail to be receptive to different points of view.

I’ve picked up on the fact that this comes from their parents …an argumentative/Jehovah’s witness/ child genius/ xmas hater was removed from Christmas singing practice the other day…I got him to do some advanced math test papers whilst we practiced singing…he managed to do the entire paper perfectly…however, he lost marks on the bit where it said “show your workings”…in those boxes he actually drew a detailed, picture drawing of himself working on his desk. And when I marked him down for not showing any of his working out…I had his parents arguing with me, trying to get me to understand that “show your workings” literally means to “show that you’re working” (?!)

Today I put on a video showing the birth of Jesus and actually had to ban any questions, discussion and debate…

A Muslim mum was very angry at the fact that her son had some Christmas turkey for lunch the other day. It wasn’t my fault that the boy had told the dinner ladies that his name is Charlie and he isn’t a Muslim ….but I could see where his mum was coming from when she asked me how many Asian children are called Charlie…

I don’t mind children not singing Christmas carols for religious reasons…however, I have zero tolerance for children who cover their ears and shout “LA LA LA” when singing practice takes place.

When Father Christmas made a surprise visit to our Christmas party…I actually had to remove three children from my class cos they wouldn’t stop hurling abuse at him…and it wasn’t even the Muslim children this time…just kids who wanted everyone to know that the “fat, hairy man aint real”

I’ve been asked a number of time this month if I’d be offended if I received Christmas cards and presents from parents and colleagues… and after I reassured them that I don’t get offended that easily, I’ve received a number of expensive bottles of champagne and even a homemade tray of sausage rolls.

Some wannabe thugs from my class were suspended for kicking down the Christmas tree in the main hall. Another child was suspended for hurling mince pies at the head teacher’s office – just cos he hates mince pies.

I have a class full of haters this year. I genuinely worry about the teacher that will take on this class.