by Alveena Salim

This is a great circle time discussion. It helps fill in those 10minutes I sometimes have spare before breaktime, it’s an ice breaker and it’s a chance to get to know the kids a bit better…

Obviously, not everyone knows what they want to do in life. I totally understand that. Plus, primary age is still very early to be thinking about future goals. However, this discussion gives me a chance to find out how serious children are…I know not to take them too seriously, however I still find myself judging the children when they come out with their weird and wonderful thoughts on this issue..

Spider Man or Superman! (Typical immature boy..)

On the dole like my old man (Not surprised. He is the laziest kid in my class. He’s so lazy, he gets the girls in my class to peel his orange for him)

Police man (You? The boy who’s always in detention for stealing and fighting?)

Dance around a stick in my mum’s high heels (OK….)

Doctor (Not that I can remember the last time he did his homework or ever did more than copy the date and title from the board)

Marry Ms Slim so that I can tell her who to put in detention (Control freak)

Marry a rich old man (I had to laugh out loud at this comment – this was coming from the girl who gets the boys in my class to do her work for her, in return for her friendship. This may actually work for her)

Work in Dixy Chicken (This was coming from the brightest child in my class. Apparently, it was the appeal of eating all the free burger he could get that did it for him)

I dont wanna grow up (Nor did i when I was 10)

Fly aeroplanes into buildings (I dunno why I was stuck with this class…)

Become a millionnaire and buy Ms Slim scarfs in every colour in the world..(Bless..)

50 Cent, so that I can get buy the girls and the cars (Of course..)

Become a Gangster so that I can beat up all the boys in my estate for nicking my bike (OK..)

I shouldnt judge them too much. I wanted to be a teacher since I was about 6. However, when I was younger than that, I wanted to be a popstar when I grew up…that’s why I would prance about wearing over – sized heart shaped sunglasses, long beaded necklaces, my mums heels and would drive about in imaginary convertibles…

My class disturb me sometimes. Interestingly enough, no one mentioned that wanted to become a teacher. Maybe its me and not them..