by Alveena Salim

Many people I know – be it friends or family, have a tendency to be negative.

Everyone has problems. Everyone is struggling in something or another in their lives. No one has the perfect life where they have everything that they want. However, some choose to get on with life and deal with their problems in an Islamic manner. Some hold God to account and live their lives negatively.

Is its Gods fault that you’re unemployed? Or unhappy? Is it Gods fault that you’re not married? Is He to blame for your lack of wealth?

Or do you ever think I’ve been to XYZ Uni, studied this hard and therefore deserve to be in such and such profession.

I sometimes hear ‘I’m untouched – so I have a right to marry someone who is untouched’

The fact remain, if one HAS kept themselves chaste, untouched, pure etc before marriage, who made it possible for them to do so? Who prevented them from slipping up? Who made it easy for them? Who allowed others to slip up but not them? It was not their extreme self control or stronger sense of right and wrong. It was Allah.

The little good we do is not cos we’re something special or better then the sinners, but because Allah made it possible for us to do so.

Even the Prophet (saw) acknowledged that He would gain entry into paradise, not on account of his good deeds, but because of the Mercy of Allah.

Whatever an individual does, he would never be able to fulfill Allah’s obligations.

On rare occasions, when I’ve gone through problems in my life. The thought has entered my mind. I’m a good person. I live my life as Islamically as possible. I don’t hurt anyone etc etc So, why hasnt xyz happened for me yet? But I’ve been quick to give myself a reality check by reminded myself that I have 101 things to be grateful for – none of which I deserve.

We don’t ‘deserve’ anything. We can ‘want’ many things. But we not entitled to anything.

God doesnt owe me anything. I owe him everything.

Do you hold God account to the problems in your life? Do you ever feel that He owes you?