By Alveena Salim

You’ve been struggling for years to graduate. You keep on failing every year. You study day and night and yet still fail when it comes to your finals. You watch people younger than you year after year, effortlessly graduate.

Can you be happy for them?

You’ve been job searching for years. You have an impressive cv. Yet, you’re unemployed. Those with a less than Impressive cv than yours, are climbing up the career ladder. Those who don’t even seem to job search get offers falling in their laps.

Can you be happy for them?

You been taking driving lessons for years. You’re a great driver. Yet, at the time of the test your nerves get the better of you and you fail each time. Emmense amount of money gets wasted every time. Around you, terrible drivers pass first time round.

Can you be happy for them?

You’ve been looking for the one for years. Yet for various reasons. You’re still not married. You feel lonely and depressed. All you see are people around you, happy and in relationships.

Can you be happy for them?

You’ve been trying for a baby for years. You’ve gone through countless fertility tests and investigations. You’re beginning to question it it’ll ever happen for you. People around you haven’t even been married for 5min and they fall pregnant without even trying. Some of them are even unhappy at their unwanted pregnancies as it happened too quick.

Can you be happy for them?

Naturally, feeling sad at what you don’t have is a human and unblameworthy emotion.

Yet to feel feel anger at Allah’s will. Feeling that you deserve it more. Wishing that the other person lose what they have. Or hating o that person for their blessing. Or wishing they would stop ‘showing off’ their blessing is blame worthy.

It’s also means that you continue to be stuck where you are whilst other people continue to strive and gain more blessings.

Do a bit of Introspection. Do you/have you ever felt this way?
Have you ever done anything about it?