By Alveena Salim 

 The rise of social media has led to a narcissistic society, where many people are trying to outdo each other by posting fancy holiday snaps, their fancy cars, homes, their beautiful children or the fancy candlelight dinner their other half prepared for them. 

It’s like they want people to look. They want people to admire what they have. And dare I say, they want people to feel jealous of them. 

To a certain extent, they are successful in their attempts. 
But at the same time many, many people are convinced that people are jealous of them. People secretly hate them. People secretly wish that they lose what they have. 

Hence the saying, ‘haters, gonna hate’. 

My question is, how does one know for sure that people are jealous of them? How does one know for sure that someone hates them? 
People claim they have haters, but if people are hating them then why not simply block them? Or even better, don’t post on social media. But they won’t, because deep down many people people crave the attention, in reality they don’t have haters, they’ve just created it in their minds.

I know of someone who was involved in a car accident straight after they received a marriage proposal. One friend of mine was hospitalised with food poisening on her honeymoon. They were convinced that it was Nazr from xyz person that caused their calamity. 

How can they be so sure? 

I’m not claiming that Nazr doesn’t exist, but I do want to know how people can be so sure that because they have xyz going for them, that’s why xyz person gave them Nazr. Yes, Nazr exists. So does food poisoning, as does black magic, so does cancer and everything else and at the end of the day, Allah controls all our affairs. 

But if you start thinking that people are out to get you, you will end up going crazy. If you live a life in the limelight of others, seeking their attention, good, bad and everything in between, it will consume you. 

We are Muslims, with our feet firmly grounded in our Deen. Praise, nor criticism should not bother us too much, because at the end of the day, what others think should not matter and doesn’t make it true. 
Isnt suspicion in Islam a sin? 

Also, isn’t this a sign of arrogance? Being so convinced (without any proof) that something about them is so amazing that people ‘must’ be hating on them because of it? 

Apparently, haters are gonna hate. But I just wanna know, if they’re really hating or do people just wish they were hating.

One of my teachers once said, the way you perceive others is usually a reflection of your own self. So ask yourself, if your haters are really hating you or are you hating on them and are posting simply to wind them up?