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When I went to perform Umrah last week, my adventurous baby girl, who enjoys exploring and meeting new people, would often run away from us. The husband and I would break our salah in Jamaat to run after her. Once during Isha Salaah, she ran away from my husband, ran out of the Mosque and ended up in the courtyard outside. After a few moments of sheer panic, she was found in the arms of the security.

Once she was with me and we were walking to Dhuhr Salaah, I noticed that she had dozed off. I didn’t think too much of it, because she was a light sleeper. I was convinced that she would wake up when the adhaan started. But she didn’t. She slept soundly through both adhaans, the jamaat and the salatul janaza. For the first time, I was able to do my sunnats, nafls and make dua in peace. I mainly did Shukr. I was so grateful that my daughter had conveniently slept through salaah, so I could do my ibadah in peace.
Following that incident, something surprising happened. In every salaah in the haram, my daughter would either fall asleep during salaah or I would conveniently find a spot in the haram near other young children, who would enjoy playing with her. A few times I was sat next to teenagers or adults, who wouldn’t be praying themselves. But would run after my daughter and bring her back to me, each time she ran away too far.

I knew that my peaceful ibadah with my adventurous 1 year old, were purely as a result of my giving thanks to Allah. So I did it often. I did it each time, I had a productive time in the Mosque with her.

Allah has promised the believers, that if we’re grateful. He will give us more.

There’s a number of things that I’m currently grateful for and I regularly give thanks to Allah for them all.

Giving thanks increases the blessings that you have. It also protects and preserves them. Giving thanks is not just for the big blessings in life, it’s also for the small things. Such as having your children being cough/flu free, enjoying good weather, your family being stress free, enjoying a night of uninterrupted sleep (a big deal in parent world!)

Iman Abu Hanifa was asked the secret behind his vast knowledge, he said it was because he gave thanks to Allah every time his understood/learnt or grasped something. And as a result Allah would increase his knowledge.

And this is why I selfishly give thanks. My gratefulness to Allah is purely self motived. I want more. I want an increase in my Iman, my health, my wealth, my knowledge, the health of my children. I want to be happier in my life, with my family, friends and in my marriage. I want my children to soar in success in every walk of their life.

And I want to soar too.

I hope that Allah continues to give me the tawfeeq to selfishly give thanks to Him.